5 Quick Questions with Trey Songz Engineer, Zach Steele (@ZachSteez)

Even if you haven’t heard the name Zach Steele you definitely have heard of some of his clients: Trey Songz Nelly Day26 8Ball & MJG Vandalyzm the list goes on. Zach is a mixing engineer and producer who creates wide, deep, energetic, and eargasmic mixes. I got the chance to ask Zach a few questions

04 Apr 2012

3 Essential EQ Concepts

You know how your favorite songs sound crisp and distinct, yet blended? Making that happen is all about balance. You can get that same incredible blend. EQ, or equalization is one of the tools to help you get there. The following 3 essential EQ concepts are not rules by any means, save for the last

09 Feb 2012

Mixing 101: What Is a Compressor

Don’t know what a compressor is yet? You will soon. If you want to learn how to mix hip-hop, and/or learn how to mix rap, you will use compressors often. For a basic intro to compressors, read on.

06 Jan 2012

Top 8 Takeaways from The Mixing Engineers Handbook

If you’re just starting out mixing, this post will hopefully move you quantum leaps forward in your mixing education. If you’re experienced, this post may solidify some fundamental engineering concepts. Back in the Summer of 2007, I had no type of conventional training in mixing. I had “acquired” a copy of Adobe Audition 2.0 via

05 Jan 2012

The Zen of Balance

The zen of balance will save you countless headaches. Balance is an essential concept for learning how to mix hip-hop. Balance is one of the most fundamental elements of a good mix. The initial mixing step is to establish a good balance.

22 Dec 2011

The 6 Elements of a Mix

When you think of mixing the first thing that might come to mind is those big speakers that you see in million dollar studios, expensive equipment, and complex software. None of those things will directly help you learn how to mix hip hop, nor do they guarantee your music will sound good. Whether you’re mixing

18 Dec 2011
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