Mixing 101: What Is a Send

You want to learn how to mix rap and r&b so you gotta know the lingo. Today we answer what is a send. a send is a channel dedicated to processing one or more inputs from other channels

27 Sep 2012

Mixing 101: What Printing Effects Means

You want to learn how to mix rap and r&b so you gotta know the lingo. Today we answer what printing effects means. printing effects is recording your effect enhanced audio into a new waveform

17 Sep 2012

5 Questions with Emcee/Producer/Engineer Vandalyzm (@Vandalyzm)

If you like that golden era hip-hop If you like music with dope concepts, captivating and entertaining lyrics, and solid production, you need to hear Vandalyzm. Vandalyzm is one of the rare people that can make a syck beat, spit even sycker lyrics over it, and then engineer it into a complete record. Only other people

10 Sep 2012

Mixing 101: What Is a Multitrack

You want to learn how to mix rap and r&b so you gotta know the lingo. Today we answer the question, what is a multitrack. a multitrack is a group of related sound files typically including individual sound files for each instrument in an instrumental Why Do You Want the Multitrack? Instrumental multi-tracks let you

07 Sep 2012

Mixing 101: What Is a 2-Track

Here we are again, learning how to mix rap and r&b music. To do so, you (and I) have to know the lingo. Can’t just be running around all ig’nant and what not. Anyways, to the question: What is a 2-track? A 2-track is a stereo or two channel sound file (as opposed to a

03 Sep 2012

Link: Interesting Thoughts On Mastering to Try Out

Found the compression explanation pretty good. The thoughts on mastering will probably be helpful too. Definitely will let you know when I try them out on the next song.

31 Aug 2012

Mixing Tips: Long Live #AliThirstyThursdays w/@MixedByAli (@KendrickLamar’s engineer)

Thursday is one of the best days for growing your mixing knowledge. In addition to new episodes of Pensado’s place coming out, TDE engineer Derek “@MixedByAli” Ali hosts #AliThirstyThursdays, where he lets people ask him questions and learn from his engineering experience. (Un)fortunately #AliThirstyThursdays are on hold until October so now is the perfect time

30 Aug 2012

Link: Compression Made Easy via Sound On Sound

Sound on Sound wrote a dope article on compression you can find at The summary and their main bullet points are below. First, concentrate on the balance. Can you hear everything you need to? When you can’t find a static position for a fader, mult and/or compress to try to remedy that. When compression

29 Aug 2012

Mixing 101: What is an Equalizer

 You want to learn how to mix rap and you always hear people talking about EQ but they never tell you what an Equalizer is. An equalizer changes the volume of a frequency range. You’ve already used one. The bass and treble buttons in your car are equalizers or EQs.

28 Aug 2012

3.5 Hours of Top Secret EQ Training: the Understanding EQ Review

Mixing hip-hop or R&B can be difficult. Mixing any type of music can be a challenge. Sometimes you hear things clash within your mix and you don’t quite know how to fix it. Everything you read says “carve out a space for each instrument” but no one gives you a way to accomplish that for

11 Apr 2012
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