Mixing 101: What Printing Effects Means

You want to learn how to mix rap and r&b so you gotta know the lingo. Today we answer what printing effects means.

printing effects is recording your effect enhanced audio into a new waveform

Printing Effects Can Free Up Resources

Your mix is coming along really well. You’ve added sound enhancing effect after sound enhancing effect and the in the box mixer’s nightmare happens: CPU error – your CPU is unable to handle the load.

Basically your digital audio workstation (or DAW) is saying “Chill out bruh. You know your computer ain’t built like that…not with these settings.”

One way around that issue is to print your effects. Simply bounce one of your effects heavy tracks to disk. Then use that new audio file in place of the track that had all of that CPU intensive processing happening. Your computer will let out a digital sigh of relief and you’ll still have the same sound.

Side Note: You can usually do this in ProTools on the same track using the AudioSuite version of your real-time plugins. It’s important to not only have the settings right, but to make sure you process the audio in the same order. Things can sound different if you EQ first and then compress as opposed to compressing and then EQing.

Printing Effects Can Help You Share Sessions

Another case where printing effects can help you is when you need to share sessions across unequal systems. While we usually have access to a similar toolset, the tools might not always match up. Say your wealthy buddy has all the Waves Plugins while you are working with some free VSTs you got from KVRAudio. How do ya’ll share sessions if you don’t have the same plugins?

Printing effects is one solution.

You like the way your reverb sounds, print it and anyone with a DAW that uses audio files will be able to recreate the sound you like without having to get your plugins, processors, or settings.

Hopefully that answers what printing effects means and gives you examples of how it can be useful.

If I’m completely wrong, let me know in the comments. If you have other ways printing effects can be useful, let me know in the comments.


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