Mixing 101: What Is a Multitrack

You want to learn how to mix rap and r&b so you gotta know the lingo. Today we answer the question, what is a multitrack.

a multitrack is a group of related sound files typically including individual sound files for each instrument in an instrumental

Why Do You Want the Multitrack?

Instrumental multi-tracks let you flex your mixing muscle. You can craft and shape the sounds more easily.

For example, say the low-end sounds really muddy. If you have the multitrack, you can high pass filter all of the instruments that don’t belong in the low end to allow the bass and kick to come through with clarity and punch.

Hopefully that answers the question “what is a multitrack”

If so, say so in the comments. If not, say so in the comments. Feel free to add your own definition(s) in the comments.


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