Mixing 101: What Is a Mult

You want to learn how to mix hip-hop, mix rap and mix r&b so you gotta know the lingo. Today we answer what is a mult.

a mult is an extra copy of the same sound

Why would I ever want to duplicate a sound I already have? In the word of Janet Jackson…control.

Using mults let you:

  • process sections differently
  • and/or process sounds in parallel
Both processing types come in handy.

Mults Let You Process Sections Differently

Say there’s a section of a song with a breakdown, maybe just a synth and a lead vocal, for example, the “I’m looking for her” breakdown in Future’s  “Turn on the Lights”. You’d want to let the vocal and synth breath more there because they’re the only elements in the mix at that point.

Instead of trying to find a way for the vocal and synth to work throughout the entire song on one track, you can create mults and treat them differently in each section.

Clear as mud?

If so, a simpler example may help. Say there’s a section in your vocal that’s extra loud. The loud part is even throughout. The easy fix is moving the loud part to another track and turning it down. Congratulations, you just used a mult.

Mults Let You Process in Parallel

Not only can you use mults to process sections differently, you can use mults to process different parts of a sound differently. This is especially useful for drums, 808 kicks in particular.

By using mults, you can control the rumble and thump of 808 kicks independently. Here’s how:

  1. duplicate your 808 kick track
  2. isolate the rumble of the drum on one track
    (Fast attack and fast release compression is the way to go for this. If you can sidechain your compressor to look at just the higher frequencies, even better.)
  3. isolate the thump of the drum another track
    (A gate is the way to go for this. If you can sidechain your compressor to look at just the higher frequencies, even better.)

Ken Lewis explains the above parallel compression process really well in his Mixing Trap Beats lesson on Audio School Online.

Hopefully that gives you a better understanding of what a mult is and how to use it.

If not, let me know in the comment section. If so, let me know in the comment section.


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