Mixing 101: What Is a 2-Track

Here we are again, learning how to mix rap and r&b music. To do so, you (and I) have to know the lingo. Can’t just be running around all ig’nant and what not. Anyways, to the question: What is a 2-track?

A 2-track is a stereo or two channel sound file (as opposed to a mono sound file or a sound file with more than 2 channels)

Why Do You Hear About People Hating 2-Tracks?

Most of the time when engineers and our clients talk about *2 Chainz voice* 2-tracks, we’re talking about an instrumental.

Getting an instrumental without being able to manipulate the sounds of individual instruments or even groups of instrument can make it somewhat difficult to get the vocals to sit in the mix correctly.

You don’t get the chance to EQ just the synth that’s drowning out your vocals.

Sometimes producers make their 2-tracks so loud, there’s barely any headroom to add your vocals in at all.

Thankfully there are some producers who engineer their 2-tracks so each instrument has it’s own space and no instrument gets in the way of the vocals. When that happens, it makes your job really easy as an engineer.

Anyway, hope that explains what a 2-track is.

Add your own definition(s) in the comments section.


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