3.5 Hours of Top Secret EQ Training: the Understanding EQ Review

Mixing hip-hop or R&B can be difficult. Mixing any type of music can be a challenge. Sometimes you hear things clash within your mix and you don’t quite know how to fix it. Everything you read says “carve out a space for each instrument” but no one gives you a way to accomplish that for your specific mix. Joe Gilder’s Understanding EQ is here to help you.

Using the program helped me immediately and will continue to help me for the rest of my mixing life. It’s so good that I have to share it with you too. Let me tell you an Understanding EQ story.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCu6x7tpr7E&w=400]

A week ago I got an email as usual from the Home Studio Corner, a site run by Joe Gilder that has a plethora of mixing knowledge and advice. I’ve learned a lot from his site and you probably can as well. Anyway, at the bottom was a link to UnderstandingEQ.com, I had just gotten paid from a mixing job and figured I’d reinvest my earnings.

After paying the $47 (which turns out to be a steal) through PayPal for the program I got link to a private podcast and downloaded the 4 videos (plus a bonus video) through iTunes. Popped in the first video around 11pm and was instantly hooked.

The introductory video solidifies the fundamental concepts of EQ. Joe explains things simply and effectively. After watching the 1st video, you’ll know your way around any EQ be it parametric, graphic, hardware, or software. It was good to have about 5 years worth of experimentation and self-education on EQ confirmed.

The second video (on ear training) is the meat of the program to me. My life literally changed after watching the video. It was as if some one gave me a way to dissect the individual parts of the mixes I love. Joe’s secret ninja EQ trick, based on the physics of summed sinusoids (sounds way more complex than it is) continues to help me learn what specific frequencies sound like. Now I can take any mix I enjoy and identify the spaces they carved out for each instrument using EQ. You’d be surprised how wide the vocal bandwidth is on your favorite songs. I probably watched the ear training video a good 3 times before moving on.

The next video gives you a fool-proof methodology on how to EQ anything. If you find the offending frequencies with respect to the mix and take them away, you’re left with what you need. The ear training video gives you a way to familiarize yourself with the frequencies. Before watching the video, I strongly believed in cutting for clarity and adding for color. Joe’s subtractive EQ approach supports that belief. You’ll be confident in your approach to EQ.

The 4th and 5th videos provide real-world examples, including Joe’s personal, time tested go-to frequencies. Instead of providing a list of presets for you to regurgitate onto your mixes (with equally disgusting results), Joe guides you through his thought process in various EQ situations.

Each example got me amped up to try out my new EQ approach and the results have been fantastic. I went back to some of my old mixes, stripped away the old plugins and went to work. I got a better sound with fewer plugins because I better understand EQ.

After the watching the 2nd video and learning the secret ninja EQ ear training technique, I had to email Joe, thanking him for the program and asking how to help others get it. When he told me he had an affiliate program, signing up was a no-brainer. Its an everybody win’s situation. You get great information that will continue to help you for the rest of your mixing career. Joe is able to continue teaching. I get to share some great info with you and be compensated at no cost to you.

I definitely recommend you get UnderstandingEQ from Joe as soon as you want to improve your mixing skills. After you buy it and accelerate your journey to EQ confidence, let us know what you think in the comments.