Rap Vocal Mixing Demystified: The Mixing Rap Vocals Review

If you mix hip-hop, you’ll find yourself often having to mix rap vocals. Sometimes you’ll get a great raw recording. Other times you’ll get a vocal that has ample room for improvement. Sometimes you’ll need to ask someone to rerecord their vocals. Mixing Rap Vocals, the video tutorial series by engineer Matthew Weiss, gives you

31 Aug 2013

Mixing 101: What Is a Stem

You want to learn how to mix hip-hop, mix rap and mix r&b so you gotta know the lingo. Today we answer what is a stem. a stem is a single element of a multi-track production

22 Jun 2013

Video: @JColeNC Explains the Production Behind “Power Trip”

J. Cole gives you a peak into his production process. He builds the groove off a sample and shows you how subtle embellishments can take a song to a higher level.

19 Apr 2013

Link: How to Make 808s Hit HARD via @quiztones

You, me, and everyone else want our 808s hitting hard. Matthew Weiss, of, shows you how to do it in his How To Make 808s Hit HARD article.

11 Apr 2013

5 Quick Questions with Singer/Producer/Engineer @LaurenAkainyah

You can’t escape who you are. You can lock it away but everyday it’ll fight to get out. The legendary YOU prepares itself to emerge while you struggle with the YOU everyone else thinks you should be. Thankfully, some people overcome the struggle and everyone else benefits. One such person is Chicago-based singer, producer, and

24 Mar 2013

Link: Happy @DynamicRangeDay!!!

There’s a war going on and we’re losing. Hypercompression maims and slaughters innocent songs every day. You can help end the “Loudness War” by going here and celebrating Dynamic Range Day today.  

22 Mar 2013

5 Quick Questions with Engineer/Producer @WillieGreen1

They say there’s six degrees of Kevin Bacon separation between every one in the world. After being exposed to video after video of Soul Khan laying waste to unsuspecting battle rap “opponents” by my cousins I was surprised to get a DM from @WillieGreen1, an engineer (and talented producer) who’s worked with: Soul Khan Cannibal

04 Mar 2013

Can 2 Hours of Training Help You Understand Compression?: A Review of @JoeGilder’s Understanding Compression

Some time ago I bought, learned from, and reviewed Joe Gilder’s Understanding EQ video series. To put it mildly, Understanding EQ was the best money I’d ever spent to improve my mixes. When I told my friend about the Understanding EQ videos, he got it and the Understanding Compression videos. The next piece of production

15 Jan 2013

3 Ways to Make Your Mix Interesting

Something wasn’t quite right. The drums were hitting. Snares were crisp. Vocals were clear. Yet the song was boring. If you’ve ever felt like this, read on for 3 ways to make your mix interesting.

10 Jan 2013

Mixing 101: What Is a Delay

You want to learn how to mix hip-hop, mix rap and mix r&b so you gotta know the lingo. Today we answer what is a delay. a delay is an echo

09 Jan 2013